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Should pay attention to problems in precision hardware etching process

Release date:2016-09-12 source:http://xinceshi

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  Should pay attention to problems in precision hardware etching process:
  Problem, cut edges and longitudinal progress etching coefficientLateral longitudinal corrosion attack. General PCB etching liquid in a moment longer, (perhaps using old-side etching) in more severe corrosion. Edges, serious affect the accuracy of conductor tracks, harsh edges will allow the production of fine wires became impossible. Corrosion when the lateral and longitudinal decreases, the etching coefficient increases, high etching coefficient indicates that there are stickthin wires, the wire close to the original scale after the etch. Electro etch resists both tin-lead alloy, Tin, nickel or Tin-nickel alloy, the sudden excessive will constitute wire short circuit. Because of their simple longitudinal cracking down wire constitutes a bridge between two points.
  Issue II, progress of etching rate between the Board and the Board consistencyOn a continuous Board etching, etch rate more consistent, uniform etching of the Board can be achieved. To get to this request, it is necessary to ensure that etchingetching has been insisting on the best of the whole process of etching conditions.This requires the selection of simple regeneration and compensation, etching etching rate simple control. Selection will provide a stable operating conditions parameters can be controlled automatically and on a variety of solution techniques and equipment. After manipulation of dissolved copper content, PH value of solution concentration, temperature, solution homogeneity of the flow (or swing of the nozzleand the nozzle of the spray system) to do this. Paper cuttingBoard appearance in full from issue three, the advances of etch rate uniformityUp and down the Board on both sides as well as all parts of the plate surface etching uniformity of appearance is determined by the Board by Etchant flow uniformity of resolution. Process of etching, etch rate of the surface is often inconsistent. In General, the etch rate above the upper surface of the plate surface. Because solutions are accumulating on board, weakened the etching reaction. Drenching of the nozzle can be adjusted up and down uneven pressure to deal with the upper and lower surface etched scene. Etching printed circuit boards in one of the questions isat the same time making all panels etched and clean is hard to do, marginal partsetched faster than the Board base board. Swing spray system and nozzle selectionis a useful approach. Further improvements to past the base and plate edge of the spray pressure are not the same, intermittent etching plates front and back-endapproach to reach all the etching of the surface uniformity.
  Corrosion problem, progress, safe handling and sharp foil and thin laminated plate to layer in the etching of multilayer thin laminated board, simple wound on rollers and transport wheels and the Board constitutes waste. Therefore, etching inner plate of the equipment is necessary to ensure a smooth, reliable thin laminate. Many equipment manufacturers on the etching machine additional gear or wheel to avoid such scenes of the attack. Very good approach is to use an additional swing of PTFE coated envelope is transmitted as thin laminate support. On thin copper foil(for example, 1/2 or 1/4 ounces) etching, it is necessary to ensure that no abrasions or scratches. Stand like etching 1 ounce of thin copper foil copper foil on the mechanical defects, sometimes more violent tremors are likely to scratch the copper foil. Corrosion of carbon steel cutting diesIssue five, cutting pollution questions
  Copper water pollution throughout the remaining doubts, printed circuit production, ammonia, alkaline etching solution exacerbated by using this query. As the copper complexes with ammonia, not simple or soda by ion exchange sedimentation toremove. So, choose 2nd spray action approach, with the increase in copper-free solution to rinse the Board, significantly reduce the excretion of copper. Then, in water before rinsing with air knives remove the solution remaining on the Board, so as to reduce the water rinse for etching and copper salts to take

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