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About us

  Dongguan Sheng Hui hardware electron limited company is located in DongguanSongshan Lake science and Technology Park, covering an area of more than 5,000square meters, is a company specializing in carbon steel mold design and manufacturing/metal etching processing/electronic Christmas gifts design and manufacture of professional manufacturers. Company focused on the establishment and perfection of modern enterprise system, and actively with the international standards, through the ISO9001/ISO14001 certification. Our company has a professional advanced wastewater treatment facilities, and permits issued by the Government.

  We can offer you the following services:

  (A) carbon steel model series: 0.8mm high precision carbon steel die design andmanufacturing, all kinds of stickers foam carbon steel mold design and manufacture, special embossed carbon steel mold design and manufacturing.

  (B) metal etching processing parts series: mobile phone keypad, mouth rinse, mobile phone housings, receiver network services network, juicer filters, soybean milkmachine filters, bearded knife network enclosures, IC lead frames, the encoder encoder, VFD grid, copier electrodes, BGA fixtures.

  (C) the gift design series: nameplate finished products design and manufacturing,surface treatment, automotive metal surface treatment metal surface treatment, lighting, other metal crafts.

  Dongguan Sheng Hui hardware electronics equipment upgrades in 2014 and 6-August, currently has imported 24 meter precision carbon steel etching line 1, 12 m etch lines 1, 8 m e-etch lines 1, the addition of automatic spraying line, screen printing lines. Re-import the standardization management team to optimize the qualityand productivity, and look forward to working with you hand in hand, create brilliant.